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About Your Next Favorite Equine Trainer

Tina Sommer is an accomplished and dedicated horse trainer who specializes in using Hybrid Horsemanship techniques to foster partnership and harmony between horses and humans.

"You don't need a bigger bit, you need a better relationship"

With a deep-rooted passion for horses and an unwavering commitment to ongoing learning and personal growth, Tina Sommer has established herself as a respected figure in the equestrian community.

Mission Statement

To transform the relationship between horse and rider, creating a lasting bond that transcends the boundaries of traditional horsemanship and unlocks new levels of partnership and fulfillment.

"The only thing I've ever wanted in life is the Unconditional Love of my horse."

Tina Sommer

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Susan Fischer


Tina Sommer, founder and Chief Equestrian Officer (CEO) of Sommer North Equestrian Center has is an absolutely wonderful horse trainer for students of all ages and all levels. Her philosophy of teaching her students all about horses, is a completely different model than "taking riding lessons". She teaches her students how to take care of horses, interact with them and learn how horses communicate with us two-legged people... Her love and experience with horses is both fun & contagious. Susan Fischer, Student of Tina Sommer for 2+ years


Gerri Sciarra


I have been riding for 7 years now, and I've never found a barn that aligns so strongly with my beliefs and treats their horses so well as Sommer North. This barn is truly a delight to be at. The environment is nurturing and I am not afraid to ask questions - which I still have a lot of, even after riding so long :). The head of the barn, Tina, is absolutely lovely as well. They are also geared towards helping the environment in any way while even having horses. I could never say anything bad about this barn, or the people who run it!


Madison Mullen


There is no horseback riding trainer I would rather ride with, and learn from, than Tina Sommer. When I decided to get back into riding after a 20-year hiatus, I was looking for more than the traditional lesson experience. I was searching for a barn community, a place where I could spend meaningful time with horses and the people who love them, and where I could learn how to care for and connect with horses, not just ride them....This place is a refuge for any child or adult who loves horses and wants to improve their ability to connect with them.

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